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From a Style Hour to a complete Makeover


Let me help you discover the real you...

Fashion Fades, only Style remains the same

Fashion fades, only Style remains the same

Coco Chanel


Hello, I am Annabelle, thank you for visiting my website.

I am passionate about fashion and helping women to feel and look their best, inspiring them with the confidence to embrace a new look that compliments their lifestyle.

My Services

Annabelle Style - Style Consultation

Style Consultation

Annabelle Style - Wardrobe Management

Wardrobe Management

Annabelle Style - Outfit Building

Outfit Building

Annabelle - Colour Consultation

Colour Consultation

What My Clients Say

Zoe Evans

My mother booked me a style consultation with Annabelle as a present. I was excited but also quite nervous as to what to expect but I had no need to worry as Annabelle was really friendly and welcoming.  I had very little idea about my body proportions and what really suited me and have never had the confidence to step out of my usual jeans and tops. I now feel so excited about shopping in the future as I know exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much Annabelle for opening up the world of fashion and clothes to me.

Clare Polito

I knew Annabelle from the school playground, so eventually I couldn’t resist booking a consultation with her.  I was a typical busy mum and used to throw on the same boring things every day. With Annabelle’s help, I now understand my shape and exactly what styles look good on me.  It was a really liberating experience as well as interesting and informative. I have updated my wardrobe and now only have clothes which I love and look great! I have recommended her to so many people who I know would really benefit from her help.

Alex Barker

Annabelle arrived at my house with a huge smile, bags and a clothes rail.  We had already spoken before the day so I had sorted out my clothes in categories as she had asked. She was really kind and understood how hard I found it to get rid of things. I had so much that went with nothing and was just sitting in my wardrobe and never worn. She has a great understanding of style and what worked for me and we had a lot of fun going through it all. My wardrobe is now only full of clothes I wear all the time and I am looking forward to buying some more pieces to fill the gaps – hopefully with Annabelle’s help.

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