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Wardrobe Management

Well Organized Closet

Wardrobe De-Cluttering / Management (3 hrs) 


We all know the feeling of helplessness when opening the wardrobe doors and having no idea what to wear! It is a common problem that needs addressing! I will send you a questionnaire prior to our appointment for Wardrobe Management so that we are able to make the most of time I have with you. This will ask you to sort your wardrobe into sections so that we can hit the ground running!  I can then calmly sort through your wardrobe with you. We can also go through all your accessories and make sure they have a place in your lifestyle. You may wish to take any garments or accessories that are no longer required, or no longer your fashion to charity shops or indeed sell. I will leave you with a wonderfully ordered wardrobe that you will look forward to opening every day!

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